Transportation Company Uber Offers Free Rides Through Labor Day

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Transportation company Uber is celebrating its move into Fayetteville by offering free rides until the end of Labor Day (Sept. 1), according to a post on their website.

Uber allows people to order taxi-like transportation through company apps for smartphones. The company was founded in 2009 and has launched in over 70 cities across the globe, their website states.

Now, the service is coming to Fayetteville as part of a move to expand into 22 college towns across the United States, according to a post on their website.

On July 14, Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams sent a letter to Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan discouraging the allowance of Uber's service in the city. In the letter, Williams cited concerns that Internet "semi-taxi" service Uber doesn't comply with certain mandatory public safety requirements Fayetteville has to protect the health and safety of its residents, the letter states.

Williams said that Little Rock sent a cease and desist letter to Uber, and Fayetteville should do the same, notifying the company that it cannot operate in Fayetteville unless they are awarded certain certificates from the city and follow all other rules and regulations for taxis in the city, according to the letter.

On July 16, Williams sent a letter to Uber, informing the company that it does not have the proper permits to drive taxis or vehicles for hire in Fayetteville, the letter states.


  • David

    i for one look forward to uber coming to fayetteville. so sick and tired of cab companies being a rip. am sure “good ole boy” kit has our best interest at heart…. oh wait, sorry, that’s his wallet…

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