Voters To Decide Whether Arkansas Becomes Wet


LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – Arkansas voters heading to the polls in November will decide whether the entire state will be able to sell alcohol, regardless of whether counties were wet or dry in the past, according to a news release.

The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment has made the general election ballot this fall, the release states.

Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin announced on Friday (Aug. 29) that the initiative had reached its needed 78,133 signatures to be on the ballot.

The group backing the ballot initiative, Let Arkansas Decide, initially fell short of the required number of signatures needed when they turned in their first batch of 84,969 signatures on July 7. Martin’s office verified 61,000 of those signatures, and that left them short of their goal. Let Arkansas Decide was given 30 days to get more signatures.

On Aug. 15, the group turned in an additional 41,492 signatures.

In total, 87,102 signatures have been verified, putting the initiative over the number it needed to be on the November ballot, the release states.

Martin’s office is still verifying signatures, so the number could increase as time goes on. Regardless, Arkansas voters will decide on the Nov. 4 ballot whether every county in the state will be allowed to sell liquor, according to the release.


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