Labor Day Weekend Brings Lower Gas Prices

Gas Prices are at a four-year low for Labor Day weekend 2014, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). Regular gas across the country will average $3.41, according to AAA.

Bobby Pierce was filling up his boat and Suburban at a gas station on 12th and Grand Ave. in Fort Smith.

“I’m getting ready to go fishing in the morning,” Pierce said. “It’s nice to see the prices come down, which is a surprise, but I’m happy.”

With gas prices the lowest it has been since 2010, Pierce said he’s saving about $20 to fill up.

“Every little bit helps,” he said.

Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley are both below average, according to

Brian Ramos said he normally spends about $120 on gas a week and is thrilled about the lower fuel cost.

“It’s good right now,” Ramos said. “I mean it’s better than anywhere else. In Fort Smith pretty low.”

The drop in gas prices is caused by lower prices of crude oil globally and the U.S. producing more oil of its own, according to AAA.


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