Handgun Competition Brings Hundreds Of Shooters To The River Valley

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM)-The United States Practical Shooting Association Area 4 Handgun Competition brings some of the best amateur shooters to the River Valley from all over the country and world.

I’ve got 4 competitors here from Canada,” Troy McManus, match director said. “I’ve got two that are Jamaican, most of the other competitors come from the Area 4 area, which is Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.”

“Shooting is like, really fun and it’s just a great way to meet people,” Jordan Walley, competitor said.

Walley is only 11-years-old. She said she started shooting two years ago.

“When you first think shooting, it might seem a little scary at first, but, when you start, I mean it takes time and practice, but it’s just a lot of fun, and I think more women should try it,” she said.

With 320 registered participants, 13 stations, six divisions and only one winner in each one, the competition is tough.

“It’s a dynamic sport,” McManus said. “There’s always a different challenge on every spot you go.”

This is the second year the Old Fort Gun Club has hosted the event.

“It’s been going on since the late 80s, early 90s,” McManus said.

Not only is the competition entertaining, but shooters and organizers tell 5NEWS, it’s also very safe.

“Your gun is never loaded, never taken out the holster until you receive instruction from the range officers, so it’s a very safe environment,” Micah Rowe, participant said. “USPSA has some the most coveted safety record of all shooting sports.”

He said maintaining focus is the key to success once you get the fundamentals down.

Winners will take home prizes like handguns, holsters, shoes and watches. McManus said next year’s event will take place in Crescent, Texas.