70-Year-Old Springdale Man Accused Of Rape While Wife In Hospital

George Friend

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – A 70-year-old Springdale man was arrested on suspicion of fondling a woman on Sunday (Aug. 31) outside a hospital where his wife was a patient, police say.

George A. Friend, 70, was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 4:20 p.m. and faces a charge of rape, according to the jail’s intake report.

Friend was in the parking lot of Northwest Medical Center in Springdale at 9:15 a.m. He was approached by the victim and another man, who asked for a cigarette, according to a preliminary report.

The victim told police that she struck up a conversation with Friend while the man (who she said was her stepfather) went to a nearby gas station. After the man left, Friend grabbed the victim and kissed her on the lips. Then, he moved to her side and put his hand down her shorts, the report states.

The victim also explained to police that she told Friend she was feeling abdominal pain and was pregnant, according to the report.

After that, she said that Friend gave her $10 and told her to “keep her mouth shut,” the report states.

The victim told police that she had never seen Friend before and kept telling him that she had to get to her mother, who was being treated in the hospital. Eventually, she was able to get away and contact the police, according to the report.

Officers found Friend after the victim identified him as the person who assaulted her. Authorities asked Friend to come into the police station for an interview, and he agreed to do so, the report states.

Friend told officers during an interview that a woman he didn’t know came up to him and asked him for cigarettes. She was with a man, and Friend started up a conversation. The man left, and the victim told Friend that the man was her stepfather, according to the report.

Friend also told police that the victim became “flirty” and talked about needing a cigarette and money for more cigarettes. Friend said he felt bad for her, so, he gave her $10, the report states.

While they continued to talk, Friend said the victim changed the conversation topic to sex and kissed him on the cheek. Friend said that he “had not had sex in a while” and kissed her on the lips, according to the report.

Friend told police he thought she “wanted more,” so he put his hand down her shorts, the report states.

Friend was initially at the hospital because his wife was being treated there, and he said he originally left to get her some toothpaste and a toothbrush from their home, according to the report.

He is set to appear in court on Sept. 3, according to the jail’s intake report.


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