Benton County Judge Returns To Work After Heart Procedure

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) - Benton County Judge Bob Clinard returned to work Tuesday, eight days after undergoing a heart procedure.

Clinard underwent a successful procedure Aug. 25, three days after he was cited at Frisco Fest in Rogers on suspicion of public intoxication. He was taken away in an ambulance and transported to Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville.

The judge said he had been drinking only water at the event. He said he felt disoriented and tried to call his wife to take him home. Instead, authorities saw him and ticketed him, he said.

“I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t hardly move,” Clinard said. “I played golf during the day. I didn’t eat, which was not good. It was hot.”

The judge said his heart rate was up to 200 beats per minute. Medical attention lowered his heart rate on the way to the hospital, Clinard said.

“It saved my life,” he said. “It’s my understanding---I don’t remember this---but they stopped my heart in the EMT, in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and restarted it.”

Clinard said he was diagnosed with non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, meaning the electrical impulse to his heart causes it to beat at an improper rate.

“I have a vest on that is a defibrillator vest and a power pack, and I have to wear that 24-seven for 90 days,” he said. “If something goes out of alignment, this thing will shock me and hopefully get it back into alignment.”

Clinard said he is glad to be back to work and wants to thank everyone who wished him well during his hospital stay.

“It’s been an eye-opening experience,” he said. “It’s just been a tremendous outpouring of care for me and my health, and I appreciate all of that.”


  • George Washington

    What was the breathalyzer result??? Where is the interview of the EMT who “stopped and started” his heart? Channel 5 – once again, please fulfill the obligation of your role as a check and balance of govt. if I am wrong then I apologize. If I’m right, the country is failing if the basis of society has fallen from the values of God to the evils of mans power, greed and avarice of self.

  • George Washington

    So are “jR.” Do you work for the judge? Are you in the party PR group? I for one have no such affiliation. I just want the truth. Statement from the EMt, breathalyzer results, police report (available with freedom of information act Channel 5) would go a long way. As I said, if I’m wrong, I apologize. However, if we don’t demand the truth, then nepotism, ignorance and the antithesis of the law will rule. Is that what you want?

  • JR

    My name is indeed J. R., it is what I’ve went by my whole life, and I’m not associated with anyone. I live half a state away from Benton County. What I want is for someone that is demanding disclosure to have the nerve to use their real name and stop hiding behind an alias. Thats’s big talk and criticism from someone who can’t use their real name.

  • Angel

    Believe me you’d best not disclose your idenity in this county. That JUDGE was drunk. He may have had a heart issue after the fact, but the video tells all, man was DRUNK. and I’m with GW, where’s the breathlyer results? Clinard is getting away with this cause he’s the county judge. I applaude Sheriff Craddack and his Deputies for citing him for public intox although it will probably get thrown out of court. Clinard started off in county off on a bad note, hiring his own company to remodel the court house, THEN he rehired Jack Brown, who’d been fired from the Road dept 2 yrs before, for misuse of county equipment. Clinard acted like he was shocked when Brown and Sober were accused and fired. Clinard needs to be out of that office he clearly thinks he’s above the law. I HAVE a heart problem, he could NOT have walked(or rather staggered) the distance he did with the 2 officers as shown on the video someone took if he was having a heart incident. Clinard was DRUNK and being DRUNK probably caused the issue with his heart.

  • John

    Police don’t typically use a breathalyzer when they cite a person for public intox: DWI, yes. It is possible for someone to be drinking/ drunk *and* also have a medical condition. If he was drunk, so what? A statement from a medical professional regarding the treatment and status of a patient might also not be forthcoming, and FOIA requests take time.

  • chris

    I recall the deputies that escorted him to their vehicle saying he reeked of alcohol. Now he says he only had water. I watched the video….he was drunk. man up.

  • Get Real

    Those supporting withholding the facts and proof concerning this judge seem either part of the good old boy system, or extremely gullible. Asking for the disclosure of public information is not disrespectful or accusatory. The Sheriff’s office should release all pertinent information, especially since this is a public official who, like law enforcement, should be held to a higher standard. Refusal to allow the media access to this information reeks of a cover-up at best, outright corruption and coercion at worst. If he is innocent, the judge should demand the release of all information concerning his arrest, LEO statements, and medical proof of the “heart condition” he claims. Otherwise, he will continue to feed the appearance of corruption and incompetence.

  • JR

    I’m not supporting anything other than having the courage of your convictions, put your name on it. BTW anything with the EMT or medical is protected by HIPPA laws period, so there is no cover up medically, and FOIA will not cause medical disclosure either. Medical disclosure is completely up to the Judge. He could say anything he wants medically and the medical staff cannot comment either way.

    • Get Real

      I, nor most of the individuals on this site, know for sure whether the judge was drunk, or sick. I hope the situation was what he stated, and wish him well. As I said, the judge can elect to reveal the medical proof of the incident on his own, and he should. Rest assured, JR, if the judge released false medical information, it would be “leaked” somehow, by someone. BTW, I’m pretty sure the name JR doesn’t appear on your birth certificate. Then again, this is Arkansas. Using a screen name to comment doesn’t make the comment invalid, inaccurate, or untrue. It does help prevent retaliation and harassment, as Angel suggested. Let’s hope FOIA and an aggressive, impartial media do their job. That is asking a lot.

      • JR

        No J. R. is not on my birth certificate, but it is what every person that knows me calls me, and no attacking people behind an alias doesn’t make you the facts wrong, but it does make you a coward.

  • Aaron Burns

    I’ve seen those guys on the golf course and they don’t go out with out a cooler of beer. So for him to say he was golfing earlier and then say he was not drinking strikes me as probably a lie. The only reason Clinard had a problem with his heart is because he was approaching his county vehicle to leave and was caught by the cops. That incident made his blood pressure go up and stressed his heart. I have no sympathy for this man.

    • Jcar

      He said he was drinking water at the Frisco Festival but he did not address what he was drinking while golfing. The cops said he reeked badly of alcohol. Enough said!

  • George Washington

    JR, you’re a blowhard – full of your own self-importance. You are also a walking contradiction. Like everyone knows who you are cause there’s only one “JR” in NWA!

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