Fluoride Will Be Added to Fort Smith and Booneville Water

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A new ingredient will soon be added to Fort Smith and Booneville water.

In about 18 months, water coming out of the taps in Fort Smith homes will have fluoride in it. Booneville residents will have fluoride in their water no later than Nov. 1, according to Water Department superintendent David Hardin.

A nearly $2 million dollar grant from the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation will pay for the new equipment needed for the process in Fort Smith.

Fort Smith dentist Gilbert Lopez said the fluoride will have a positive effect on children’s teeth.

“You’ll ingest it and it will actually become a part of the tissue in the teeth,” Lopez said. “The fluoride will be a part of the formation of the teeth and will make them basically stronger.'

Although the chemical is tasteless, some have health concerns about consuming it.

Lopez said the worst thing that could happen is fluorosis -- but that will only happen if too much fluoride is consumed.

“Fluorosis shows us staining -- brown to black staining on your teeth,” Lopez said.

Since the amount of fluoride added to the water will be regulated, Lopez said fluorosis is very unlikely.

Fort Smith Utilities Director Steve Parke said design plans for the equipment will begin soon.

“We’re going to award the engineering design services agreement so they may start the actual design of the improvements and get them ready for construction bidding,” Parke said. The engineers use $180,000 of the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation grant for this, according to Parke.

Fort Smith voters have turned down fluoridation twice in the past – once in the 1970s and again in 1992 -- but didn’t get the chance to vote for it this year because of the state law passed in 2011. The law requires water suppliers serving more than 5,000 people add fluoride to the water.

“It’s not right. The citizens should have a vote on what goes into the water,” Fort Smith resident Tessa Freeman said.

Fort Smith is the largest city in Arkansas that does not currently add fluoride to its water.


    • SofaKingEpic

      Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?

  • Dani

    Leave it to Arkansas to be backwards. Most countries are now banning adding this to the water. Several cities and states are following. Several insurance companies will not pay for a fluoride supplement. Now we are adding it to our water. Also just like Arkansas, if the voters against something, just make it a law or do it anyway.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      That is the way libs operate. They know what is best for you. The libs view people as too stupid to know what is good for them.

      • Alex Coltrain

        George Washington warned about political parties and how they would be downfall of this nation. He was right. A bunch of power hungry politicians and media institutions who are too busy pointing the finger at each other, rather than working toward a common goal. It’s all about power and money, which is gained by dishonesty and social division- via biased news networks. Then on down the totem pole there are the people like you. People who have fell victim to the counterproductive culture that America has become. I’m not saying I don’t have faults of my own. All i’m saying, is that It’s not about “libs”, democrats, or republicans. It’s about right and wrong. So there’s no need to bring that up in the conversation. In this case, Fluoride in the water is a terrible idea. I’m pretty sure Fort Smith is dumbed down enough already.

  • Cheryl

    i can’t believe all the research showing how dangerous this is is being ignored. what an outrage! The citizens in these populous cities should be protesting this state law. if you don’t know anything about this, you should research and write your elected officials. at least research it and decide for yourself.

  • Nick Garner

    Obviously, it seems people are against this idea. I’ve seen the pipes at sites that mix fluoride into the water and the fluoride was eating through them. But it is okay to drink fluoride, right? After all, your tooth paste says DO NOT SWALLOW, if you do contact poison control. One guy even murdered his wife with fluoride.

  • JROC

    In 2006, the National Research Council (NRC) stated that “it is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” In addition to calling for U.S.-based research on fluoride’s IQ effects, the NRC expressed concern about fluoride’s possible contribution to dementia.

  • objectivefodder

    Everyone here who’s commented demonstrating the clearly obvious detriments of Fluoride, as far as I’m concerned, are true Patriot heroes. Much research globally, not only by higher learning institutions and scientists, but by medical doctors, concur that Fluoride dumbs the brain down and significantly reduces IQ, especially in children. There’s plenty of evidence. Just because some esteemed colleges and Universities haven’t written or endorsed certain studies or had their “peer” revues doesn’t mean that it’s safe either. If you do enough internet research, you’ll see that Fluoride is not only deadly and poisonous, but considered a carcinogen and extremely toxic to humans. Question everything and find out who is really behind this implementation, won’t you? Although there are natural Fluoride deposits found, intentionally and collectively administering it and placing it into our drinking water, no matter the resolution or amount, is utterly wrong, if not outright contemptuous by city administrators and civic leaders. The Dentists support it you ask? Then why would you if everyone has white teeth with no decay? Doesn’t that conflict with capitalism regarding the need for Dentists? Think! Who dare question their authority? Ask why other countries ban this product in their municipal drinking water, won’t you? Find out why they’re opposed to it. Fort Smith is making a major mistake. They should know better. Ignorance is bliss and those of you in Fort Smith are doomed. Find out if your elite doctors and health gurus condone the Ingestion of this product. Over time, there will be irreversible health and mental effects on generations to come. But don’t listen to me, do your own research and come to your own conclusions regarding the not-so redeeming qualities of this deadly chemical agent. Many cities internationally as well as certain countries have outright banned and outlawed the implementation and distribution of this neurotoxin product. Ask historians what it was used for and in what scenarios did it’s distribution play out. What are the benefits, if any, of it’s content. Foolishness and ignorance best describe this stupid move Fort Smith. Google Fluoride and read everything it has ever been used for to control humans, in experiments and other studies-especially when used as a weaponized agent in times of war. Go ahead, spend some time looking into this Fluoride. Look at the so-called Eugenic attributes and its purposeful design by top military tyrants as recent as World War II for what it was believed to accomplish. Oh you’ll see some debunkers defending it, but let’s do this, why don’t you take some raw Fluoride and swallow it whole. Add some chlorine. Now, tell me again how this helps us? That alone should be enough to scare the living hell out of all of you. Go ahead; drink your Kool-Aid sheep. A great social event is coming. Those of you in the know will make it. Others of you, well, may God have mercy on your ignorant blissfulness and stupidity. Darwin wins in the end. Your faith won’t save you either. You’re being boiled in the proverbial pot and you don’t even know it.

  • Omni

    I wrote an official years ago explaining why they shouldn’t fluoridate the water. If you care there’s a facebook page called Arkansas citizens for safe drinking water that would love to have you. Drinking fluoride to prevent tooth decay is like drinking sun screen to prevent sun burn.

  • Ryan

    I’m so glad my reply with facts and links disproving the other commenters’ objections to fluoridated drinking water is still pending several days later. Every comment currently showing is against fluoridated drinking water. I wonder how many other contradictory comments are still not being approved.

    • objectivefodder

      What’s your point Ryan? You not really supporting Fluoride are you? Seriously? You do or don’t like the human population? Are you a dentist? Medical doctor? Scientist? C’mon, speak ye forth. We want to hear. I have Fluoride. I will gladly give you some for intake, no matter the quantity. Interested?

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