Details Released On Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend, Unborn Baby

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Prosecutors on Wednesday released new documents detailing the stabbing death of a Fort Smith woman and her unborn baby from July.

The court documents state Briana Butler was stabbed 11 times by her boyfriend Douglas True. Her wounds were extensive and graphic, the documents state.

"We talked on a daily basis there`s not many days where we didn`t talk," said Butler's mother Rhonda Carter. "I`d just give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her I love her so much."

Police responded around 11:52 a.m. on July 20 to a home on South 66th Street in Fort Smith. Court documents state Butler's body was found bloody and naked except for a black sports bra.

"I came here two days before she passed away," said Butler's sister Jessica Efram. "I thank God that I called her that day or I wouldn`t be able to live with myself."

First responders on scene said they were shocked by the wounds they saw. The report states they were able to see the inside of Butler’s neck and throat.

"She just had the biggest heart of anybody I`ve ever met," Carter said. "She liked to play basketball and soccer she was a cheerleader."

True was later arrested after he called 911. True stated he had been dating Butler for about four months. He said he had known her for about 10 years and said he was in alcohol treatment for rehab. True remains in the Sebastian County Detention Center.

"We grew up being best friends," Efram said.

The night before the alleged crime, the report states True was at a friend’s party, where he said he drank 10 to 12 beers along with mixed drinks and whiskey. Documents show True later went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Fort Smith, where he said he had about 10 more drinks. He said he drank beer and Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

True stated he later woke up from the couch and went into the bathroom, where he saw Butler dead. He then went to a local hardware store, before coming back home and calling 911, police said.

Butler sustained a total of 11 stab wounds. She had been carrying her unborn child for 27 weeks. The baby, a boy, was healthy before being killed, the medical examiner said.

DNA results state True was not the child’s father.


  • Amanda S

    I really believe this needs to be removed from your page. I know that this is a news station but the horrific details in this are way too much. I was friends with this beautiful girl and I know that she would not want her family having to re-live this tragic day. So I ask that you please, for her family and friends sake, remove this.

  • Angie D.

    I am friends with Briana’s mother, grandmother and sister and was close to Briana also. PLEASE remove this story. You have no idea what it is doing to the family for this to be shared. I couldn’t even get passed the first few lines without it tearing me up. Briana was a beautiful, sweet girl and the mother of a precious little girl who does not need to grow up with reports like this to read. These details have no business being shared with the public. This is not news…

  • Velda

    Don’t be angry at the news station, while this is truly deviating for the family, all the details will be loud and photographic in court. I just simply didn’t read the whole story or read it. We all know she was brutally murdered, all murders are brutal. This whole situation is sad, but beating up on the courts and media won’t being her back. I just simply wouldn’t read/watch the story if it was my child and unborn grandson that was murdered.

    • Kenny Seyer

      If you make the story so graphic, then his attorney can say he can’t get a fair trial because the jury will be prejudice and have the case dismissed. So yes, we can be mad at the news station.

  • HonestT

    I agree that this did not need to be published as a secondary story. The details on where stab wounds occurred and type of drinks consumed does not warrant the release of another story. All of this information will come to light during the criminal case, but should be omitted from publication or reporting simply on the basis of professional journalism.

    Most all will agree that this butchering of the victims was particularly heinous and warrants a capital murder case.

  • Justice

    It’s graphic, but people who will challenge him “hopefully” put to death need to know in detail how much he deserves it! Sorry to the family for this girl and her baby having had met this maniac. Prayers go out to you.

  • Leon

    Im sorry to the family of this girl and for the tragic situation they are facing life is cruel and this should not be on the news but it does go to show wat kind of sick and twisted people live in our society i thin this is very sad. I wish the family the best.

  • ray

    Briana was a great easygoing girl….full of life and energy …. and as her cousin who was raised very close to her. I have mixed emotions because she deserves justice. If we turn a blind eye to what has happened by taking it off social media. We will regret it .. because right now.all breezy has going for her this freak as a.freak and hopefully enough people will hear her story and no doubt he”‘ll be put to.death….if we.don’t let social media.involved he has more chances on a plea. Social media keeps.reminding of because. They want that monster dead!!!!

  • ray

    Personally I like being informed on what is happening…she’s my family and I want to see.him fry!!! Like I said we ignore it he ends up with 20 yrs. On a plea agreement…we have to pull together and show.we.Will not be satisfied until justice is served

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