Minimum Wage Initiative Will Appear On November Ballot

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – Arkansas voters heading to the polls in November will get to decide whether The Natural State will get an increase in its minimum wage, according to a tweet from Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin.

The initiative backed by the group Give Arkansas a Raise will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot, the tweet states.

Give Arkansas a Raise first submitted their required signatures to appear on the ballot to Martin’s office on July 7. They submitted more than 77,000 signatures, but after the signatures were verified, they discovered they were short by 15,107 signatures.

The group was given an additional 30 days to gather more signatures and ended up submitting 69,070 more on Aug. 18.

After verification, Martin’s office confirmed they reached their needed goal to appear on the November ballot, according to the tweet.

The group aims to raise the Arkansas minimum wage from $6.25 to $8.50 by 2017.


  • Joe

    how ignorant can ignorance get honestly?
    So by raising the minimum wage $1.25 people will magically be wealthy and out of poverty?
    Come on this is just getting silly! if you make less than $20 an hour then you are poor and if you have a family then you are DIRT poor unless of course you are getting government help.
    Congratulations “Merica you are still the dumbest kid in the classroom.

    • Charles McManus

      First the increase is 2.25 not 1.25. Second The Arkansas minimum wage, if increased at all should match the federal minimum wage. Third increasing the minimum wage only helps those at the top it does nothing for those who “it is supposed to help”.

  • Charles McManus

    When the minimum wage increases prices immediately go up to cover the increased cost of labor. As a result those the minimum wage is supposed to help end up the same or even worse off than before.

    • honey badger

      You’re right about that sir. And don’t forget that one big reason government is for the increase is because income taxes are collected as a percentage so more money for slush funds!

      • Arnold Fudpucker

        That and the stupid voter thinks the libs have done something food for them. The other point is that the union thugs have a new benchmark to complain about. Did you get a look at those fantastically high salaries the union bosses get paid? Wow, no wonder they want to sucker more people. they have to fund those fat cat salaries.

  • bobreal

    Better make sure Golden Corral Waitress make more than $2.35hr.
    I think the Managers there should also be paid; $2.35 an hour to.

    • Arnold Fudpucker

      So comrade boobreal you think everyone make same money. Good for commune. No incentive to do better. Just exist and draw air. Everyone owes you for breathing right?

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