Documents: Fayetteville’s Sound Warehouse Closed After Failing To Pay Rent And Taxes

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The Sound Warehouse in downtown Fayetteville was shut down Wednesday after the business fell into tax debt and failed to pay its rent on the building space, according to court documents in Washington County.

A “No Trespassing” sign on the store’s window notes the property was seized by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, after a Writ of Possession was filed in a civil case between Sound Warehouse and Rendl Management LLC, according to court documents. The eviction case was brought forth by the management company after the business failed to pay rent on its space, the documents state.

The building was closed the same day a tax lien was also filed against the business by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. The state Department of Finance and Administration document states the store has owed the state $1,569 in taxes since February without paying.

“This certificate of indebtedness shall continue in force for 10 years from the date of filing and shall automatically expire after the 10-year period has run if no satisfaction has been entered prior to that time,” the tax lien document states.

The seizure included the building itself, not the contents inside, according to the Sheriff’s Office.


  • Al Bolduc

    Seriously? 1569.00? Am I missing a digit or decimal in the wrong place? Ok, if legit, Sound Warehouse needs to be slapped.
    Now, the big picture, how has this helped the all the workers and suppliers? It going to cost the state a whole lot more now.
    Seriously? I’m sure you can things to do that will actually help everybody if you tried hard enough.

    • sb

      Al, even at a state level the government’s not known for doing what’s best for everybody and in most cases anybody.

  • honey badger

    I worked for a company that owed a hell of a lot more than that for years before the state got Involved. There must be more to the story than this.

  • Velda

    Now how can this small business ever afford to pay now that they have been shut down?

    We owned a small gas station back from 1982-1999 and let me tell you, their were quarters where we could barley pay our employees, much less our taxes. We finally went bankrupt in 1999 due to gas prices being so low.

    I can promise you that the state was unwilling to work with them and now, unless the business owns the building, the state will never get their money. The only hope the state had was to allow the business to stay open and now that the UofA students are back in town, the business would likely start making money again.

  • Hondo

    Who knows…this could be an instance where there is some they say I owe this…no I don’t owe this going on. And we know who always wins this…BIG Government. I have seen higher totals than this. Pretty shocked they closed them down for this amount. The tax payer will flip this bill and the higher cost of all the processing of closing it down.

  • jameybaxter

    Because, if it is sales taxes, they ALREADY TOOK IT FROM THE CUSTOMERS. That money in sales tax is NEVER personal or business operating funds, it is held for the government by the business owner.
    If it is employee taxes, then the employer has withheld money from employees’ payroll and then not paid that + their portion to the state.
    Either way, they kept money they were not supposed to keep.
    We dont know what “arrangement” they had. I personally know of businesses that were shut down for FAR LESS, but they are always tons of notices that go out.

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