WAC Roof Repairs Finished After Structure Declared Unsafe

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The Walton Arts Center has completed its roof repairs that closed the venue for nearly two months, although crews continue to clear out the center.

Construction began Aug. 4 to fix structural problems with the roof. The construction finished ahead of schedule a few weeks ago, but crews brought a crane in Wednesday to clear equipment out of a hole placed in the Walton Arts Center’s roof, according to a spokeswoman for the center.

The spokeswoman said the center’s officials do not expect the removal of equipment to take more than a few days. Baum Walker Hall will be cleared and set up in time for the first events at the venue, she said.

The Walton Arts Center’s box office has also been moved back to the location after being temporarily moved to Nadine Baum Studios during the repairs.

The center closed suddenly June 23, after engineers working on the upcoming expansion project found a “structural issue” with the trusses that support Baum Walker Hall, according to a statement released by the organization in June. The steel trusses in Baum Walker Hall were initially set to be strengthened in the summer of 2015.

Shortly after the discovery, Baum Walker Hall was declared unsafe for public occupancy.

All repairs are finished now, though, and the Walton Arts Center is expected to have no trouble opening in time for its season debut show set for Sept. 28, when Dr. John and the Nite Trippers, along with the Cate Brothers, are scheduled to perform.