City Officials Say Uber Is Illegally Operating In Fayetteville

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - The smartphone application Uber connects people looking for rides to local drivers and considers itself a ride-sharing service. City attorney Kit Williams said the service is not authorized to run in Fayetteville because it is a taxi service and doesn't have the proper permits.

Williams said in order for the company to legally gives rides in exchange for money, the drivers need to have insurance, city and police permits and need to have their cars inspected for safety.

"None of this has been done by Uber, they have not made any attempt to comply with any of the city's regulations, so therefore they are not authorized to operate here," Williams said.

The company released a statement that said, "Uber is a technology company that connects riders and drivers through a mobile app. We do not own any vehicles or hire any drivers."

Brice Curry owns Dynasty Transportation that operates in Fayetteville. He said he has to go through a length process to get his drivers and vehicles legal to operate.

"You're not going to have that with this company right now, if a driver gets a complaint or anything like that, all Uber does is turn off their app...that's it, that's their punishment," Curry said.

Uber is known for its low costs and quick response time, but Curry said he is concerned about the validity of the service.

"But is that alternative safe? That's what they are going to have to look at, and it's going to be the customer that makes the decision in the end," Curry said.

In Uber's user agreements, the company states, "Riders may be exposed to transportation that is potentially dangerous, offensive, harmful to minors, unsafe or other objectionable."

The service began operating in Fayetteville Labor Day weekend.


  • Nice try

    So if a friend calls me and says “hey, if I pay you $15 to take me to the mall” and I accept, is that illegal?

    Maybe in communist Fayetteville I guess.

  • Nice try

    It’s no different than offering my neighbor $20 to take me somewhere. I’d love to see Fayetteville try to ban the use of this app. Lol

  • Richard S. Drake

    Actually, it is a LOT different, and the folks who are afraid to use their real names here are more than aware of that. It seems a tailor-made situation for sexual predators to take advantage of someone who may have had too much to drink.
    Nasty blacks? No wonder “Realist” lacks the integrity to use his real name!

    • RegulationNation

      No, it’s really not different at all. You can’t tell people they can’t take someone else somewhere using their car. It’s the same thing as advertising on Facebook that you need a ride, and choosing one of the 10 people who may offer the ride. Just because it can potentially lead to some dangerous situations doesn’t mean it should be “regulated”. Liberals always think everything should have regulations and and a protective coating around it. Like it or not, you cannot outlaw something like this. You can’t tell me I can’t have an App on my phone for this purpose. I don’t even use the service and won’t use it. But I am a firm believer in the anti-liberal regulation nation and agenda.

  • Get Real

    This sounds like typical whining and moaning about allowing individuals to chose for themselves. The all-knowing, all-compassionate liberal government will take care of you, and take your money through taxes, fees, and licenses. Those opposed to Uber seem to have no idea what they are talking about, other than the fact the city doesn’t get to steal more money through inspections, fees, and penalties. Uber drivers must pass a background check, have insurance, and clean, reliable vehicles. The free market system demands it. There are no more problems with Uber than there are with conventional cab companies. Check out their driver application form online. Those opposed to Uber are trying to use fear and innuendo to cloud the facts and distort the truth. Check out Uber for yourself, and make your own decision. Let the politicians and good-old-boys know we are capable of deciding for ourselves what businesses to patronize.

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