Investigation Results Released In Oklahoma Inmate’s Execution

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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety  has released the results of an investigation  detailing the execution of convict Clayton Lockett, according to KFOR.

The investigation stated that Lockett died from lethal injection, KFOR reported.

The department originally said Lockett’s veins collapsed during the execution and he died after a heart attack, calling it ‘botched’, according to KFOR.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety gathered evidence and said other factors contributed to the death, KFOR reported. The report states IV access was the major issue with the execution, according to KFOR.

“The physician and paramedic made several attempts to start a viable IV accesspoint. They both believed the IV access was the major issue with this execution. This investigation concluded the viability of the IV access point was the single greatest factor that contributed to the difficulty in administering the execution drugs,” the report states.

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  • judy

    if they (prison med personnel) had any brains, they would have checked the inmate’s ability to receive injections way before the botched event. any non medical person could figure that out…. & they get paid for ignorance and needless suffering. OK taxpayers dollar at work

    • barbed_wire83

      Judy, you do know that nearly everybody who took the Hippocratic Oath would NEVER insert an IV to kill someone, right? ‘Do No Harm’. Not even Nurses would do it. So they HAVE to use untrained personnel to insert these needles. Quite frankly, I agree with them. Hell, the companies that make the drugs used in execution won’t even sell those drugs to the prison facilities that do executions. IMO, Execution shouldn’t be done except in extreme cases of mass murderers or something similar, and even then I would try to make it as painless as possible. End their life, but don’t make them suffer while you do it. Enough suffering has happened already.

  • judy

    & so by your definition, the inmate will be executed by a method according to the severity of the crime? well let’s see…since it was a horrific crime, let’s let the person suffer much more than the traditional method of executuon..excuse me, is your reasoning any different that the recent be headings of IS? we are supposed to live in a civilized society…if the court has deemed execution, then let justice be served due process. but to decide on the amount of suffering? may as well be a kangaroo the middle ages give me a break

  • Proud Okie

    Who cares if he suffered? If he was civilzed he wouldn’t have murdered someone. Call what you want he killed someone so my State made him pay. Good Job Oklahoma. Now on to the next one.

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