Students Return To Hackett Elementary After Second Bomb Threat Evacuation

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HACKETT (KFSM) – Students returned to class at the Hackett Elementary School after it was evacuated due to a bomb threat on Thursday morning (Sept. 18), police say.

Students were taken to a safe area, according to police.

Authorities searched the school and found no bomb, police said.

This was the second time in two days that the school has been evacuated due to a bomb threat.


  • Joe

    So everyone whose just about anybody has heard of the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” right?
    How many more times does this have to happen before they stop wasting the police forces time with all these paranoid fake threats? Seriously people let’s be real here. Who in the world would blow up a random Arkansas public school? Has no one stopped to consider the thought of how exactly a bomb even made it into the school to begin with? Hypothetically I mean of course! Believe me when I say this that when they take the K-9 through the school that they are gonna find weed, ecstacy, molly, and a list of pain pills before they EVER find an explosive material. Please people let’s remember THIS IS ARKANSAS.

  • Mar

    There have been dozens of these evacuations just in NW AR in the past few months thousands across the US–and not one bomb has been discovered The kids will keep making fools of the administrations until the administrations grow a set.

  • Former Student

    I think schools should add on an extra week at the end of the year for everyone. This might not only decrease bomb threats, but might make a guilt person come forward. Think about it, you’re taking week away from their summer, someone is going to end up say something. Unfortunately, with such a small school/community everyone is going to talk, many students will be accused of being a “snitch”. Joe has a very good point. There is a better chance if finding Copenhagen in a locker.

  • Hackett mom

    My child goes to that school and I think the police and teachers are doing the right thing by treating it as if there could really be a bomb because the day that you drop your guard and say it’s fake then that’s the day it will be reality. I would rather pay more taxes to pay my police force for doing their jobs and the staff at the school for doing their jobs than loose my child

    • Former student

      I went here as a kid as well and I totally agree that the admin are doing the appropriate thing by treating it real. It’s not their fault.. It’s the student who has this dangerous idea. If the admin doesn’t treat it as real then one day something bad is really going to happen with all students in their rooms.

  • Joe

    Yes MAR, that was another thought I had considered. I knew that Arkansas couldn’t be the only area in the country that is doing this. I mean geez imagine how bad places like Detroit, Chicago, and pretty much everywhere in California have it? Those retards around there must get this everyday! I just find it so hilarious and annoying that the public has become so paranoid that just saying the word “bomb” will cause an epic fall apart nation wide. I get it that there have been horrible tragedies through out this country. But SERIOUSLY let’s get real for just one minute. THIS IS ARKANSAS! I can’t think of a single kid I went to school with that had half the brain to know how to construct a deadly explosive let alone have the intelligence to place it secretively in a public school. Psssh, I was to worried about getting girls #’s to be wasting my time trying to come up with fake threats in a public school. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

  • David

    An example needs to be made of these kids or whoever it is that is doing this. It isn’t a freakin’ joke! It isn’t funny. It’s a felony and an act of terrorism!! Prosecute these little bast@rds and make an example of it. Yeah, it’s Arkansas. As soon as the guard is let down, that’s when the threat will be real. The boy who cried wolf learned that hard and fast. The next time it may be that the wolf is standing at the door with snarling teeth and drool dripping from it’s jowls.

  • Justice

    Should make this a felonly first offense with 6months in juvinelle detention lock up. That would get more than mass punishment of the whole school adding a day or week to the end of the year.

  • gay-4-41

    This is insane. Glad the school is treating this as a real threat. Why would anyone do this? The new head FB coach is a sadistic person, but I hope this stops soon.

  • Velda

    Kids do this because they want out of class. This fad has not let up at all and will only get worse until the kids that do these threats are really in trouble, or a real bomb goes off and kills hundreds and it suddenly becomes uncool to do this. Teachers have even fabricated threats to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

  • Tom B

    Make it well know in school that if you make the threat you WILL be expelled and forced to repeat the same grade again next year. I dont think there are too many kids in school who would like that!

  • Frank S

    To those who keep saying “This is Arkansas, nothing’s going to happen”: I agree, it’s almost certainly always a fake. But it was “This is Oklahoma” before Tim McVeigh blew up a building that also had a daycare in it. It was “small town Connecticut” before that sick jack*** mowed down a bunch of elementary kids. No superintendent is going to risk the lives of a bunch of kids, they’re always going to have to respond in this manner. I just hope they catch the little twit.

  • Bomb Squad Captain

    Mass punish all these retarded kids. Make them go year round. 10 minute lunch and recess. No sports or extracurricular activities.

  • Elle Brooke Patterson

    I find it very irritating to read all of the comments saying we are in ARKANSAS as if that is supposed to mean nothing bad happens here. I was born here in Northwest Arkansas and have lived my entire life in the area. Through out my years in public schools in Rogers and Graduating from Bentonville and frankly you would have to be blind to not notice increase in bullying, violence, suicides, over doses, and THREATS!!! No matter what the reason is for someone to make a threat the threat needs to be taken seriously! How many people have taken their own lives with nobody even knowing they were even considering it? If we want to stop the threats and stop having to evacuate students the solution is easy…. metal detectors and security at schools. This area is constantly growing in every way, in some ways for the worse. In bigger cities precautions such as metal detectors and security are the norm. Stop focusing on Arkansas being a small place of peace, wake up people these are peoples children, friends and family we are talking about!

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