Sneak Peak Of The Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-- The Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair begins Friday (Sept. 19).  The nine day event has carnival rides, food and livestock competitions. For hundreds of local FFA and 4-H kids, the fair is a place to showcase a year's worth of hard work.

4-H Sebastian County Extension Agent Jesse Bocksnick said there are more than 3,100 entries this year. Most of the Junior competitions will take place this weekend (Sept. 20 and 21). You can expect to see several hundred hogs, sheep and lots of head of cattle. Participants will be judged on their animals' body composition, size and production purposes. Bocksnick said most of the judges are from out of town.

"There`s more than just the rides, everybody loves to come out and enjoy the rides," he said, "but I would encourage everyone to come out and walk through the barns talk and visit with those kids and learn about their projects. They work hard all year for this they really, really love talking to folks about how they raised their animals, about how they care for them and wash them everyday and feed them, and it`s just really a special time for them, and they really love talking about it."

The opening day festivities kick off at 4 p.m. and go until midnight. Gate admission is $7 for adults and $4 for kids ages 3-11. Children under two get in for free.

"It`s just gonna be a good time, good clean fun for the family," Bocksnick said. "You can`t find a cheaper place to come out and bring your entire family. There`s just a lot of good entertainment out here."

The fair runs through Sunday, Sept. 27. For a full schedule click here.


  • john sickles

    greedy ,greedy,greedy!!anything the city of fort smith has a hand in it will get ruined.just a bunch of the same old overpriced food,rides and games.your better off taking your family to a movie its alot cheaper than the fair!!!

  • JEK

    Woopieeee the fair is back in town, This city does less for it’s Veterans than any other city in Arkansas. It Boggles the mind with so much Military History here and the CITY DOES SQUAT!!! I’m spending my Money in the other city that thanks their Veteran’s with a reduced Entrance Fee.

  • JEK

    Why is the Media and Leaders of Fort Smith and Barling Ignoring Crucial Facts that anyone can find, that Barling’s H Street Project off of 59 HWY was one of the ARMY’S Test Locations for one of the Deadliest Chemicals Known to Man Kind!! (AGENT ORANGE) (IT DOESN’T GO AWAY) (IT DOESEN’T JUST EVORATE) (IT’s Half Life is 100’s of years) IT’S A KILLER FOLKS. The Military and DOD have admitted that Fort Chaffee was indeed a Test Site and those Chemicals were stored there well after the 80’s and Buried TODAY. I dare any of you to prove me wrong in a public forum.

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