Suddenlink Customers Lose Access To Nickelodeon, Comedy Central And More

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(KFSM) – Suddenlink, a cable and Internet company, has dropped popular channels like Nickelodeon and Comedy Central due to a pricing dispute with the owner of those channels, Viacom, according to a post on Suddenlink’s website.

The company services multiple towns like Clarksville and Russellville in Arkansas and Poteau and Sallisaw in Oklahoma.

At the beginning of October, Suddenlink customers lost access to Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, Spike, CMT and more channels, the post states.

Suddenlink reported that after making new agreements with companies like AMC, Fox, Turner, Disney and Discovery, the company attempted to negotiate with Viacom, but they were unable to do so.

Viacom wanted a nearly 50 percent increase in payments, and the company rejected every offer that Suddenlink made, according to the post on Suddenlink’s website.

In an attempt to make up for those lost channels, Suddenlink introduced other channels like FXX, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Sprout, The Oprah Winfrey Network and more.

“We understand and regret the frustration this situation has caused some of our customers, but we sincerely hope they’ll give the new channels a try and that they find those channels as compelling as others have said they do,” Suddenlink said on their website.

Customers weren’t even able to watch Viacom shows online, either, as the content provider blocked access to its videos online for those with Suddenlink provided Internet, according to the post.


  • JLO

    I am a Suddenlink customer. I gave their new channels a try and have found them bland and not worth the price. I don’t know who found them “compelling” but they can have them.

  • natrina

    I’m so disappointed in these new channels. It’s not what I signed up for nor do I want them. Very dissatisfied with suddenlink at this time.

  • kade

    I really hate Suddenlink right now. These shows are not only boring, BUT THEY REPLACED ALL OF THE GOOD CHANNELS. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, SUDDENLINK? YOU CAN’T REPLACE THE MOST-WATCHED SHOWS IN YOUR COMPANY WITH SHIT. Goddamnit.. you guys are pissing me off. Seriously. What were you thinking? Do you know how much viewers those channels lost? The only reason you would hurt those peoples’ families, would be if you had it out for them. I’m done with my rant, but I’m no longer going to use your shitty service. I’m coming, dish.

    • Brady

      relax, Kade.. it’s only TV. if a frontal labotomy is what you want, there are other options besides the Optical Induction method. why should you have to pay a company to give you brain damage? a hammer and a chisel is only a one time purchase.

      • Kade is Angry at Suddenlink >:(

        I agree with you to a degree. TV is really boring, but for the people that enjoyed TV more than I, (Which wasn’t much) They seem to be fairly bummed out and aren’t getting their money’s worth for the service. What TV provider are you if you take away all of the popular channels. No longer will you be able to discuss the hilariousness of Tosh.0 with your friends? A broken one. An OFF brand-like company. The downgrade. I can go on.

      • We Need Deregulation!

        Brady, What about Jon Stewart? Where else are we going to get reliable political news? Kidding aside, if our state representatives were not paid off, we would have competition in the cable market the same way we have it in the electric utility market. Monopolies are always bad!

  • Brady

    oh come on.. the Oprah channel is just as good as the ones that you lost. i would love to have cable again, but my neighbor cancelled his subscription. i have the right mind to go and complain to him.

  • Thomas

    We lost too much for the price and what we got in return was a slap in the face. I watched VH1 Classic and CMT all the time. The junk that replaced it was cheap and worthless. I need to go elsewhere.

  • bob

    I have cox sucker cable here its bad but I guess not as bad. But I use it for internet only to hell paying for cable tv

  • WIlson

    I get that people “want my Mtv”But you will have to pay for it. don’t forget that they said Viacom wanted a 50 percent subscriber fee increase.That cost would have been passed on to you. Plus accepting a fee increase from Viacom would have emboldened other companies to do the same. Then in a few years you would be paying HUNDREDS of dollars a month to watch tv.

  • Pissed off customer

    Drop Suddenlink ASAP. They even blocked them Via internet access. Seriously Suddenlink should be sued.

    • Be Mad At VIACOM

      Actually Viacom blocked Suddenlink internet subscribers, Suddenlink did NOT block the online content. The channels were dropped because Viacom wanted a lot more money which would have resulted in your bill being higher. If you want to be mad at someone honestly get mad at Viacom for saying they deserve a 50% raise.

  • W

    Comedy is one of my favorite channels. Replacing John Stewart with shock jock Glen Beck takes us from funny to scary. I’ll probably move to satellite like my friends have.

  • meka

    It is ashame that the prices we are forced to pay to enjoy a television program. ..I will say it once and say it again..When a company is the only ruling company in an area that is dominant…they can ultimately do as they please…we as a community should have had choices years ago…ergo this is a result of a monopoly. …

  • jw

    Some of you people are ignorant. Why don’t you actually research what is going on before commenting. The same thing happens with dish and directv, I know, I have been through it. The channels will come back.

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