Business Owners Clean Up After Clarksville Fire Destroyed Two Buildings

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) - Clarksville business owners are sorting through the rubble after Monday's massive fire in the downtown area. They are trying to salvage what they can.

Business owners along Main street are trying to piece together what is left after Monday morning's fire. Two buildings were destroyed and the other two buildings were damaged after a fire started in a clothing store early Tuesday (Feb.2) morning.

Deberah Reece used to own one of the buildings that was destroyed from 1980 until 1994. "There's a lot of sadness because it was a historical building," said Reece.

Reece was on her way to work Monday morning when she saw smoke. "I went down Cherry street and I looked further and I saw fire," according to Reece.

Reece saw the building she once owned collapse in the fire.  I remember the days that we owned it said Reece.

"I had kids and raised them in the store," said Reece. "I was reminiscing about our memories."

According to Reece, Monday's fire was the worst fire Clarksville has seen in years. "Both businesses held a lot of memory and a lot of happiness," said Reece.

No injuries were reported in Monday's fire. The fire chief said the cause of the fire is still under investigation but adds he doesn't expect anything suspicious at this time.

The fire chief also said the last major fire in Clarksville was back in the 1950's when the Arlington hotel burned down.



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    I do not know where you came up with this was the worst fire since the 50’s I never said that, there have been larger fires in the 90’s

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