U Of A Student Hits Half-Court Shot; Wins $5,000

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A senior at the University of Arkansas has won $5,000, after he hit a half-court shot at the Razorbacks Basketball game on Wednesday (Feb. 18.)

Brendan Oman was the student who made two layups, a free throw, and one half-court shot to win the game, which was sponsored by Arkansas Federal Credit Union.

“The emotion takes over, and you start going crazy,” Oman recalled. “I had no feel for it. I didn’t know if it was going in or not.”

Luckily, for Oman, the shot went in.

His shot landed him a spot on ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10 Plays.

“I never thought I would be on ‘Top 10.’ Especially with my athletic ability,” Oman said. “When you put it all together, the odds must be huge, for it to all come together like that.”

5NEWS gave Oman another chance at the half-court shot.

Of the five shots he took, he missed all of them.

We asked Oman what was better, being on ‘Top 10 Plays,’ or winning the cash.

“I don’t really know. Both are incredible,” Oman said. “Probably, in the long run, the $5,000 helps.”

Oman says he is happy he accepted the chance to take the shots, and now he’s looking forward to getting the check.

“I’m hoping they don’t take that much out for taxes,” Oman said.

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