Van Buren Motel Fire Forces Overnight Evacuations

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) - Fire crews fought large flames at a Van Buren motel early Thursday morning (Feb. 19).

An air conditioning and heating unit on the second floor of the Motel 6 on Highway 59 caught fire around 1 a.m., according to Stanley Clark with Van Buren Fire.

Crews arrived on scene in a matter of minutes, and immediately began evacuating people who were staying at the motel.

"Our top concern is getting those people out of the rooms," Clark said. "We immediately began knocking on doors and evacuating the people inside."

About 50 people watched in their pajamas as crews battled the flames.

Clark said the flames got as high as 30 to 40 feet and that they spread quickly through the attic space of the building, destroying the roof.

No one was injured in the fire, according to crews on scene.

Crews are continuing to investigate why the air conditioning and heating unit caught fire. They say the room where it was located was not occupied at the time of the fire.

Even though fire crews know where the fire started, the cause of the fire is under investigation.







  • PeaceLily

    Having personal knowledge of how low budget hotel owners operate their properties; I would guess that the heating unit was filthy, set on the lowest temperature possible and the dirt caught fire when the unit kicked on. This is also the same time of year that you see water pipes burst in hotels where owners keep the heat set too low in unoccupied rooms. Glad no one was hurt.

    • No worse than most

      Having stayed at this motel myself, I find the generalizations and assumptions rather childish, petulant, and wrong. The motel received decent ratings on most customer evaluation sites, and after all, inexpensive is what it is. Motel 6 is not the 4-Seasons in Vegas. Unless you know for certain, the negative comments are unwarranted, and no, I have no financial interest in the motel.

      • PeaceLily

        I made a general statement based on my own personal experiences, just as you have done. Not sure how that’s childish, unless your statement based on your experiences is also childish. Why would anyone think that someone staying at a hotel has a vested interest in said hotel unless they own the hotel in question? While you may not have a vested interest in this particular hotel, you seem personally bothered by my generalizations and assumptions and that seems odd. JMHO though…..

  • Mel

    Thank You Van Buren Firefighters, EMS and Law Enforcement for your works during this Fire and making the number 1 priority of getting Everyone out of the Motel.. I know some Firefighters will remain on scene to watch for flair-ups and hot spots, and then several will be getting all the Fire Trucks and equipment ready to go when called.. Everyone will have their own opinion of What and How this fire started but is will be just that, an opinion ! I know all the folks that were staying in the Motel 6 at the time of the fire are Grateful for the Firefighters and also Super 8 Motel for having rooms for them to go to and get out of the freezing temps..

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