House Votes To Stop Giving Test Linked To Common Core

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – The Arkansas House voted on Friday (March 6) to prohibit the state from administering a test linked to the Common Core education standards.

The bill passed with a vote of 86-1, and it would end the state’s participation in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers after June 30. The Senate will now take up the bill.

The PARCC exam is based on Common Core education standards, adopted by a majority of states, including Arkansas. The standards were designed to ensure high school graduates are ready for a career or college, but Common Core has been scrutinized by conservatives in recent years.

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  • A Teacher

    The standards are good. You can argue items are in the wrong places, but it covers what needs to be taught.

    The PARCC test is an unmitigated disaster. Bad setup by a greedy company who suckered in a lot of states. PARCC testing will ruin nearly TWO FULL WEEKS of educational time in high schools, and even more in elementary and junior high. Separate the issues. Standards are not the same thing as the manner of how it’s tested. This is a bad test.

  • A Teacher too.

    The Common Core Standards have the right idea, they may be constructed a little inappropriately but the standards themselves are good. The PARCC test on the other hand is a train wreck. I am shocked it took this long to make the news. The structure is horrible, the questions are difficult for the teachers to answers correctly, let alone understand what they are actually even asking you to do. This test does more harm to our students then good. Assessments are important, but allowing actual educators to design them and how they are done is more beneficial then a room full of lawyers, lobbyists and business people. Would you go see a dentist if you were having a heart attack? Then why do we allow lawmakers to dictate what or how students should be assessed.

  • Marie

    Seeing as more and more high school graduates Cannot Read on a 4th grade level, but can describe all the Different types of sexual diversity, maybe we should go back to Learning the basics of education.

  • 3rd Grade Teacher

    The Standards are basically good. They need to be revamped in some areas especially the elementary standards. Some expect children to do skills that they are not developmentally ready for. I agree that the PARCC assessment is not good. It was thrown at us too quickly and does not appropriately assess our students.

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