Family Finds Newborn In Dumpster While Taking Out Trash

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CNN – A family was taking out the trash in South Carolina and found an abandoned newborn baby, authorities say.

The alleged mother turned herself into police, but they have not released her name.

Austin Detray, one of the men who found the baby, said he was taking out the trash when he heard a faint noise coming from inside the dumpster. He moved two garbage bags out of the way and saw the face of a newborn, pressed against the plastic, covered in trash.

“It still had mucus in its system, and it was still puking up stuff. Still had the umbilical cord attached to it, and we just stayed by its side and waited for the ambulance to come,” Detray said.

“There was blood everywhere. . . in the trash can and on the baby. I was scared for its life,” said Raymond Price, another one of the people who found the baby.

Police are still investigating to see if the woman who turned herself in is actually the child’s mother, and doctors at a local hospital are treating the infant.

“There’s other options– adoptions, drop her off at the hospital, knock at a door [or] go to a police station. Do something. Don’t just leave her to. . . you know. . . die. I mean, she’s a living soul,” said Jessica Detray, who was also present when the baby was found.

She continued, “My hopes are for this baby to live and have a wonderful, beautiful life.”

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