Three Teens Attack Woman After She “Shushed” Them On A Bus, Police Say

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CBS News – A woman was attacked by a group of three teenage girls who allegedly followed her onto the street after a confrontation about noise on a bus in San Francisco Wednesday night, reports CBS San Francisco.

The 55-year-old woman told the station she was followed off the bus and beaten by the girls after asking them to quiet down while riding the 21-Hayes line bus.

The girls followed the woman and attacked her when she exited the bus, according to the station.

“My photographer and I were just wrapping up a different story when just one block away we heard the screams,” CBS San Francisco reporter Mark Kelly said.

Kelly and his crew captured the attack on video.

In it, one girl is seen kicking the victim while another is seen throwing punches. A bystander is seen doing his best to break up the attack.

The suspects ultimately fled the scene.

The woman is expected to be OK. She told the station she’s strong and will be all right.

It’s at least the second time in recent days that one person’s attempt to shush others has reportedly sparked a fight.


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