West Fork Woman Drowns Seven Puppies In Bucket, Deputies Say

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WEST FORK (KFSM)- The Washington County Sheriff's Office arrested a West Fork woman Friday (April 10) after she told a deputy she drowned seven puppies in a bucket, according to a probable cause report.

Theresa Wolf, 56, is being held at the Washington County Detention Center and is facing an aggravated cruelty to animals charge, jail records show.

According to the probable cause report, Wolf told an employee at the Washington County Animal Shelter she drowned seven puppies, gave one away and wanted to surrender the last two puppies to the shelter. The employee was concerned that the last two puppies were in danger and wanted Animal Control to get them, according to the report.

When Animal Control arrived at Wolf's address, Wolf told the officer she felt she needed to tell him how she drowned the puppies, the report states. Wolf explained she drowned them when they were about newborn to one week old and she spread out the drownings over about a weeks' time, according to the report. Wolf said she put the puppies in a pillow case with a heavy rock then put them in a five gallon bucket filled with water then closed the lid, the report states.

The officer asked Wolf why she had killed the puppies, she replied that it was tax season and she was too busy to deal with ten puppies, according to the report.

Wolf's first court date is scheduled for April 13, jail records show.