Garrett’s Blog: Saturday’s Forecast

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An upper level low is creeping east today with scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in from out west. Expected areas of rain throughout the day on Saturday with a very small severe risk. There will be breaks in the rain so it won’ t be nonstop all day but generally speaking rain will be a big part of today’s forecast.

Image 60

The upper level low that’s causing the rain is very large and have pulled in moisture from the Pacific Ocean. The result will be locally heavy rainfall with any showers or storms that develop.

Image 61

This image shows mid-morning on Saturday with widespread rain in the area.

Image 62

There are some indications that the number of showers and thunderstorms will be lower Saturday evening. This image shows 7pm. Although the chance of rain is not zero by evening… I would expect a lower number of showers and storms as compared to the first part of the day.