Mom Uses Hidden Camera To Catch Boyfriend Taking Nude Photos Of Her Daughter

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Joshua Bibby

MISSOURI – A Missouri mother used a hidden camera to catch her boyfriend allegedly taking nude photos of the woman’s 6-year-old daughter.

Joshua Bibby, 30, is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor after police said he allegedly pulled down the girl’s pants and took a photo of her genitals.

According to the probable cause statement obtained by WDAF, the mother told police she hid a camera in her daughter’s toy and captured video of Bibby removing her daughter’s underwear and taking photos of her genitals.

After placing the camera in her daughter’s room with a clear view of the bed, the mother and her friend left the home to “run an errand.” A few minutes later, Bibby apparently entered the girl’s room and the hidden camera captured Bibby taking photos of the girl’s private area.

The mother took screenshots of the hidden camera photos on her phone and called police.

The mother told police she had been suspicious of Bibby in recent months, which prompted her to install the hidden camera. She said there was a prior incident where the girl apparently awoke to Bibby sleeping next to her with his hand down her pants. The mother told police she repeatedly found Bibby sleeping in her daughter’s room.

Bibby ‘s bond was set at $200,000 and he is due back in court on June 1. He was also ordered to have no contact with children before his court date.


  • JudyandLester Nuckolls

    This is the first time i have replied to any story on 5 news but i am so sick of seeing stories on an almost daily basis, of children being abused by pedophiles. I am waiting for part 2 of the story in which police charge the mother with child endangerment or something. An innocent little child, especially one that young, does not have the mentality to make something like that up. Then if i understand the story correctly, then mother then begins finding her own boyfriend sleeping in her own childs room. This mom is no hero. She was willing to put her child in danger to get proof. what if he had actually molested the child while the mom was out “running an errand”. Would that give her the proof she wanted? What a good mother would have done is kicked the guy out and called the police as soon as her sweet little baby told her what happened! I’m beyond upset and disgusted over this!

  • Ellen Scott

    Ok, first of all, why the Hell is he still in your house if there is even the tiniest suspicion that he is messing with your child? Let’s not just get him away from my kid. Hell, no. Let’s wait til we film him doing something to her, damaging her for life, then we’ll do something about it. Honestly, what the Hell is wrong with people?

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