New Shortcut Shaves Time Off Of Northern Fayetteville Commute

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A new portion of Van Ashe Dr. was opened in late September, and is now expected to provide drivers a quicker route to the west side of the city.

The new portion of Van Ashe connects Gregg and Garland avenues.

Although many businesses may not be located along Van Ashe, those who are already alongside say they think the new extension will help with business.

“We expect, with the easy in and easy out access to the two major roads in Fayetteville, that we will attract new customers,” said Wendy Conrad, a waitress at The Restaurant On The Corner.

5NEWS timed how long it took using the Fullbright Expressway, compared to Van Ashe Dr., to get from the Northwest Arkansas Mall to Sam's Club.

The drive using the expressway took almost seven minutes. The drive using the new shortcut took less than six minutes.

The four-lane road also has turn lanes built in to the median, in preparation for when land alongside Van Ashe is developed.