ADE Survey Asks For Community Feedback On Common Core Math Standards

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — The Arkansas Department of Education is requesting community feedback on the proposed Arkansas math standards.

The department is conducting an online survey from Jan. 8 to Feb. 5, states an ADE webpage.  The department is asking students, parents, teachers and members  of the community to review the standards for content and clarity.

In the survey, participants can choose an individual grade level from K-8 or combined 9-12 to review. Each grade’s math standards are listed in the survey, along with a comment suggestion box below each section. Participants are allowed to review more than one grade.

The final Arkansas math standards could differ from those listed in the survey.

To take the survey, click here.



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  • Doc Skinner (@DocSkinner42)

    Next up, doctors ask for community feedback on the efficacy of a new drug to manage neurotransmitter activity in older stroke victims. That will be followed by engineers surveying the populace about the best steel to use to resist the torsion forces of the new span design. And at the end of the month, everyone will give their opinions on the proper fuel mixture ratios for effective thrust in a re-usable launch vehicle to deploy geostationary weather satellites. Listen people: if you are not a trained educator (and preferably one with expertise in math education), you should not have a VOTE in how math is taught in schools.

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