Adventure Arkansas: Elevate Sports Gym

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Elevate Sports Gym in Harrison offers many unique fitness challenges that are as much about using your muscle as they are about using your mind.
Co-owner Chad Watkins talks about how conquering the gym won't come from just brute force. "Pretty much everything you would want for upper body workouts, but it's a better alternative. You're not pulling weights, you're not on machines, you're doing this all yourself so creativity is a must. So if you want to come in here, you got to bring in your imagination."

From a 14 foot tall climbing wall, to a ninja style network of ladders, bars and a warped wall, Elevate can take your fitness game to new heights indoors and prepare you for the great Outdoors. For the full adventure check out the video above.

Information about this week's adventure:
Aerial Silk Classes Contact: Shayla Langford 417-296-2033

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