Arkansas Receives “F-” Rating On Reproductive Health Report Card

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Arkansas received an F-, a below-failing grade, in a 2015 report card on reproductive health and rights compiled by the Population Institute. 

Each state in the Union was graded on nine criteria, which fit into four main categories: Effectiveness (30 points), prevention (20 points), affordability (25 points) and access (25 points). This year, Arkansas earned a 39.7 out of the possible 100 points.

Arkansas is among 19 states that received failing grades in the report, including Oklahoma. The majority of the failing states were in the South and Midwest.

Oregon had the highest rating at 90.1 points, and Louisiana had the lowest at 21.3, according to figures in the report. Overall, the United States received a D+.

According to the report, Arkansas fell from a D grade in last year’s report, largely because of the state’s low scores in prevention and access.

Here’s a breakdown of Arkansas’ grades in the four main categories and their reasoning behind the grades, according to the Population Institute:


  • Teen Pregnancy Rate – 7/15. The current rate is 73 pregnancies per 1,000 among women 15-19.
  • Unintended Pregnancy Rate – 11.3/15. The unintended pregnancy rate is 55 percent of total Arkansas pregnancies.


  • Sex Education – 0/15. Sex education is not mandated in public schools
  • Access to Emergency Contraception – 2.5/5. Arkansas requires emergency rooms to provide information about emergency contraception.


  • Medicaid Expansion – 15/15. The Medicaid program was expanded under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Medicaid Family Planning Expansions – 0/10. Under the Medicaid plan, there is no offer for expanded family planning services.


  • Abortion Restrictions – 1/10. Arkansas has laws that make it more difficult to choose an abortion, including mandatory counseling, two-day waiting period before undergoing the procedure, parental consent, abortion providers must be licensed physicians, and no abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation.
  • TRAP Laws – 0/5. Arkansas has enacted laws targeted at regulating abortion providers.
  • Abortion Access – 3/10. More than 75 percent of women live in a county without an abortion provider.





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