Millions Going Toward Arkansas Scholarships After Record-Hitting Jackpot

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery sold more than $25 million in Powerball tickets for the record-hitting jackpot, according to director Bishop Woosley.

For each dollar spent on a Powerball ticket, between 47 and 50 cents goes toward the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship fund; the rest goes straight to the jackpot.

Woolsey said this run alone, the largest jackpot in world history, brought in about $11 or $12 million for Arkansas scholarships.

Candie Route, a manager of a Van Buren convenience store, said when people came in to buy lottery tickets they also bought other items, which ended up doubling business.

“I had a few (say) they felt like just contributing to the Arkansas scholarship, but for the most part, I think people are just looking to be rich,” Route said.

A Pick-n-Tote convenience store in Fort Smith made the top ten list for the most Powerball ticket sales in Arkansas for this run, selling more than $62,000 worth of tickets, and coming in eighth place.