911 Calls Released From Deadly Eufaula Bank Robbery

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EUFAULA (KFSM) — Recently released 911 calls reveal a closer look at the deadly Eufaula bank robbery last week.

Cedric Norris, dressed as a woman, went into the bank, walked into the president’s office and fatally shot him without saying a word, the police chief told News On 9. After getting money, Norris shot another bank employee who refused to go with him and drug a female customer out the door as a hostage.

The entire encounter at the bank took just over one minute, police told News on 6. The first 911 call came less than 30 seconds later, “We’ve had a shooting at Bank of Eufaula and we need an ambulance. We have people hurt.”

Shortly after Norris left the bank, police spotted his vehicle.

Officer: “PD, myself, and a trooper unit are behind a vehicle matching that description now on 69 northbound coming up on Onapa.”
Dispatch: “OK, black female is gonna be the suspect. She’s gonna have the white female as a hostage.”
Officer: “There is two occupants in this vehicle.”

After the suspect’s vehicle crashed, Norris got out and started shooting at the officers, who fired back. Later, the hostage also got out of the vehicle, and Norris pulled her to him and used her as a human shield, but officers reported that it appeared that she looked like she might be armed as well.

Norris was fatally shot by officers. The woman was hit multiple times, and later investigators confirmed that she was the hostage taken from the bank, News on 9 reported.

The Eufaula Police released the following timeline:

09:31:25   Suspect entered the bank from the west door.
09:32:28   Suspect fled the bank with a hostage.
09:32:56   First call to E911 received, officer dispatched
09:34:47   Officer Martin on scene.
09:35:12   Detective Torix given vehicle description and direction of travel.
09:35:52   Eleventh and final E911 call to dispatch.
09:36:48   Chief Murray on scene, Detective Torix initiated pursuit of suspect.
09:40:18   OHP 588 takes lead on pursuit.
09:42:18   Tactical vehicle interdiction initiated. Suspect crashed.
09:48:32   Torix reporting numerous shots fired, two people down, need ambulances. All officers OK.
10:01:00    Inner and outer perimeter set at bank, FBI notified and en-route. Request OSBI to conduct officer involved shooting on behalf of Eufaula PD.
10:15:41    OSBI en-route.
10:54:18    FBI on scene to begin processing evidence.
10:55:00    OSBI on scene at Onapa Road, processing evidence.
17:08:35    All units cleared from Onapa Road.
20:41:55    All personnel cleared from bank.

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