Cedarville Head Football Coach Charged With Inciting A Riot Submits Resignation

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CEDARVILLE (KFSM) — The head Cedarville High School football coach, who was charged with inciting a riot during a game last year, submitted his resignation.

Keven Lea was arrested Oct. 21 for his behavior during a game against Elkins on Oct. 16. Lea was not present for the remainder of Cedarville’s football games, and interim coach Max Washausen was on the sidelines instead.

Washausen is the assistant coach and special teams coordinator. It’s also his first year on staff.

An arrest report form the Elkins Police Department states Lea yelled a racial slur at Elkins football coach Thurman Shaw as the two approached each other following the conclusion of the game on Oct. 16.

He yelled profanities at a police officer after the officer had attempted to clear the Cedarville players form the field, according to the report.

The officer stated he tried to grab Lea and leave the field, threatening to arrest the coach. The officer stated he was then surrounded by Cedarville players and was shoved and taunted, according to the report. The officer stated he did not hear Lea tell his players to leave the field or tell them to stop during the altercation.

Lea was hired as the Cedarville football coach in 2014.