Christian Mayberry Recovers At Home From Traumatic Injury

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MULDROW (KFSM) -- After months of rehabilitation, Christian Mayberry has spent the last few weeks recovering at his Muldrow home.

Christian was critically injured when his all-terrain vehicle ran off the road and into a ditch on County Road 4750, five miles south of Muldrow.

Even though he's back home, his journey to recovery isn't over yet.

“It's (unfortunate) what happened to me, but I’m kind of happy it did happen," Christian said. "If it hadn't have happened, I would have never gotten this close to Jesus.”

When Christian isn't going through therapy, he's giving his testimony at local churches.

“Every step I take, I’m stepping on Satan's face," Christian said.

Christian's mother, Kim, said there have been ups and downs since they've been home, but Christian stays positive by sharing his story.

“He's not shy at all, as you know," Kim said. "He just takes that microphone and starts telling everyone what the lord has done for him.”

Kim said being back home has only brought more encouragement.

“Everywhere we go, people recognize him, and they come up and they love on him, and they want to let him know that we've been praying for you for a long time," Kim said.

Kim said it's likely that Christian still has years of therapy left, but he's not letting that stop him from his big plans for the future.

“Seminary school and become a preacher or a minister," Christian said.

Christian said he lives each day by his favorite saying.

"Life is tough, but love is stronger," Christian said.

A new case against Angela Gray has been filed, and a motion to continue a preliminary hearing in April has been granted.

Gray has been charged with conspiracy, child endangerment by driving under the influence and the selling/furnishing of an alcoholic beverage to a minor.