Benton County Resident Calls For Sheriff’s Firing; Others Oppose

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Benton County resident Clifford Ferguson formally asked the quorum court Thursday night (Jan. 28) to help him take the necessary steps to have Sheriff Kelley Cradduck removed from office.

Ferguson handed out a document, which stated that recent investigations into the sheriff by Arkansas State Police exposed the idea that the sheriff does not have the county’s best interest at heart.

“I do not understand why a public official cannot be fired,” Ferguson said. “I would like to see that with the current administration.”

However, not everyone at the meeting agreed that the sheriff should be removed.

Some other residents spoke out in favor of Cradduck, saying he has been a great asset to the county.

Cradduck also took to the podium, specifically addressing his concerns of the motives of Justice of the Peace Kevin Harrison.

He said Harrison’s posts on Facebook were attacks.

“He has continued to pepper me, to smear my name and my character before this election,” Cradduck said.

Some of those posts in question were handed out by Craddick’s mother-in-law.

Some of the posts questioned Cradduck’s work ethic, and others questioned the validity of his wife’s health issues.

After the meeting, Harrison told 5NEWS his posts were based off of concerns that were raised by the public, and were not meant to smear Cradduck’s name.

Harrison added he never said Cradduck’s wife lied about her health history. He claimed he simply questioned whether it was true or not.

Cradduck declined to comment with 5NEWS about Thursday’s meeting.

However, in front of the quorum court, he said he would defend himself.

“I will have my day in court, and I will have my turn to tell my side of the story,” Cradduck said.

Cradduck will face Shaun Holloway, Paul Pillaro, and Tim Filbeck in the upcoming primary election.

The winner of the primary election will face independent candidate Glenn Latham in the general election.