Alma Company Designs Devices To Help Adults And Children With Disabilities

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ALMA (KFSM) -- An Alma-based company is helping adults and children with severe disabilities from across Arkansas gain their independence by designing devices that meet their specific needs.

InvoTek, which began operating in 1988, is currently working with 52 clients. 25-year-old Amelia Faulk is one of them. She was born with Brittle Bone Disease and is only about 30 inches long.

The disease is challenging and can seriously limit the activities she enjoys doing, as well as everyday tasks.

"As more and more fracturing happens, her world has gotten more limited to where basically she's just downstairs," said Teresa Faulk, Amelia's mother.

That's where InvoTek steps in.

A team of engineers is designing a special device that will allow Amelia to control a computer or tablet. The company also designed a bed that fits in the family van so that Amelia can travel more comfortably when she goes to Little Rock for treatments and surgeries at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Amelia's mother said last time the family made the trip, Amelia broke at least seven bones.

"We have bungee cords and what it does is it absorbs the shock by letting her move," said President of InvoTek Tom Jakobs.

The shock absorbers keep the specialized bed from bouncing, which should reduce the risk of pain and bone fracturing.

Amelia and her family are planning a trip to Little Rock next month and they have high hopes the device is going to work for her.

"The test they did said it reduced over half the vibrations," Amelia's mother said.

And the bed wouldn't be complete without a custom paint job. It's red; Amelia's favorite color.

"Its meant so much to us that these guys have come into our lives," her mother said.

InvoTek is part of the Arkansas Gives campaign, a 12-hour online giving event in April. Dozens of Arkansas non-profits are expected to benefit from the donation campaign that encourages Arkansans to donate money to the various participating organizations.

To learn more about InvoTek, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: Tom Jakobs from InvoTek received a report from Amelia's family. She made it to Arkansas Children's Hospital without breaking a single bone! Jakobs said, "We are so excited. She has a lot of challenges still to overcome, but Amelia's mom said this was the best trip ever for them."