LISTEN: 911 Call Made By Centerton Woman Shot During Home Invasion

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- The Centerton Police Department released a 911 call Wednesday (April 5) made by a woman who was shot during a home invasion.

According to police, two unidentified suspects entered Leigh Parker's home through an open garage door Tuesday morning. Parker grabbed her gun, hid in the closet and called 911, police said.

Parker was shot in the abdomen and leg with her own gun after a struggle with the suspects over the firearm, according to police.

The full 911 call made by Parker is included above. The transcription is included below:

Dispatch: “911 what is the address of your emergency?”

Parker: “It’s 1220 Torbay Trace. There’s somebody in my house and I’ve got my gun. I can hear them.”

Dispatch: “Hold on one second. What’s your name?”

Parker: “It’s Leigh Parker.”


Parker: “They’re coming back here. In the closet.”

Dispatch: “Sorry.”

Parker: “I said I think they’re coming back here. I’m in the closet.”

Dispatch: “Ok. We have the officers on the way right now. We got them on the way right now. Where are you? Leigh, where are you?”

After that the gun goes off.

On her Facebook page, Parker wrote Tuesday she got shot in the stomach and the bullet came out then went into her thigh where it became lodged.

Police said the intruders are described as two white males in their late teens or early twenties. One was wearing a red bandana on his face with white shoes and blue jeans, the other was skinny with a sunken face and dark clothing. The second man was described to be a "drug user," police said.

If you have any information regarding the intruders call the Centerton Police Department at (479) 273-5532.