Firefighters and Police Officers Join Together To Benefit A Local Boy

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ALMA (KFSM)- Area firefighters and police officers battled it out in the dunk tank to raise money in the Big Chief's Battle for Beckham.

Beckham is a four year old who has been diagnosed with Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (PMD), a rare disease that affects the Central Nervous System. He is the only recorded case of PMD at Children's Hospital in Arkansas.

This year, Beckham has been through Chemo and had a stem cell transplant. He is now at the Ronald McDonald House in North Carolina.

Beckham's Aunt says he has developed a great relationship with the firemen and officers in the River Valley.

"He's just one of those little boys that you can't help but love," Kendee Hughes said. "I mean, he's just got that personality. They've taken to the story and him and it's been an awesome experience, and just very humbling."

The officers and firemen want Beckham to know they're supporting him and with one big goal in mind.

"Just raise as much money as we can for Beckham and help him all we can and show him how much we love and support him," Van Buren Fire Captain, Todd Harris said.

"This is awesome," Fort Smith Fire Captain, James Wood said. "I got to meet Beckham. He came by the station and we got to show him the fire trucks and everything. It's an awfully great thing we can do. The other guys here, whatever we can do to help kids."

Battle for Beckham is more than just a fundraiser. It's also to help Beckham reach his dream of one day playing football.

"He just knows he wants to play so I can imagine him being a good linebacker," Beckham's aunt, Kendee Hughes said. "He's a go-getter, he's very ornery, and very strong-willed. I think that is apart of what is helping him get through what he's going through."

While Beckham has been in North Carolina, he has also developed a close relationship with the Duke Football team. He has visited the stadium, played with the players, and shared countless memories with the team and his family.

For more information about Beckham, or how you can help, visit the Join Team Beckham Facebook page.

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    How shocking! A 5 “News” story about the police that doesn’t fit their typical “officer-involved shooting” criteria for “reporting” (more like propagandizing) on law enforcement.

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