McCain: Trump Defamed Khan, Does Not Represent GOP

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Sen. John McCain accused Donald Trump of defaming Khizr Khan and argued the Republican presidential candidate does not represent the GOP.

“While our Party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us,” McCain said in a statement Monday.

Did Trump go too far?

Trump’s criticism of Khan after he spoke from the stage of the Democratic convention last week resurrected the billionaire developer’s past comments accusing McCain of not being a war hero because he was captured in Vietnam.

John McCain’s powerful statement to the Khans

“I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I disagree with Mr. Trump’s statement. I hope Americans understand that the remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates,” McCain, who has previously announced he supports Trump for president, said Monday.

In the very personal statement, McCain also paid homage to the Khan’s son Humayun’s sacrifice.

Gold Star families demand apology from Trump

“I’d like to say to Mr. and Mrs. Khan: thank you for immigrating to America. We’re a better country because of you. And you are certainly right; your son was the best of America, and the memory of his sacrifice will make us a better nation — and he will never be forgotten.”

McCain noted that his own son also served in the Iraq War and that McCains have been serving in the US military for hundreds of years.

“My sons serve today, and I’m proud of them. My youngest served in the war that claimed Captain Khan’s life as well as in Afghanistan. I want them to be proud of me. I want to do the right thing by them and their comrades,” McCain said.

“Humayun Khan did exactly that — and he did it for all the right reasons. This accomplished young man was not driven to service as a United States Army officer because he was compelled to by any material need. He was inspired as a young man by his reading of Thomas Jefferson — and he wanted to give back to the country that had taken him and his parents in as immigrants when he was only two years old.

“Captain Khan’s death in Iraq, on June 8th, 2004, was a shining example of the valor and bravery inculcated into our military. When a suicide bomber accelerated his vehicle toward a facility with hundreds of American soldiers, Captain Khan ordered his subordinates away from the danger.

“Then he ran toward it.”


  • Alan Brooks

    Don’t allow these establishment clowns to distract you. The only ‘defaming’ going on is by Mr. Khan (a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who believes in Sharia Law), a compliant, dishonest media, and the holier-than-thou politicians. Don’t be ‘guilt-ed’ into voting for Crooked Hillary based on emotions they are trying to stir up. Your country is under attack and we will become Europe if you allow this garbage to fester. Think!

    • Alan Brooks

      Great article by Charles Hurt on today about how Khan was ‘tricked’ into smearing Mr. Trump. Crooked Hillary couldn’t care less about their son, he and they are just political pawns in her campaign. Read the article.

      • Alan Brooks

        Khizr Khan, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is financially linked to Saudi Arabia and the Clinton Foundation. The narrative is cracking…

    • odinscharge

      The problem seems to be that Donald played the Khan is a scary, Muslim card by suggesting that he wouldn’t allow his wife to speak because of their religion. He tried to turn people against Khan by making allegations that he didn’t know if they were true in order to provoke a response.

      Strangely, if Donald was running as a Democrat the Republicans would be smearing him as soldier hating.
      First, he attacks POWs. because I prefer troops that weren’t captured.
      He holds what he calls a fundraiser for Veterans and then never gives them a penny.
      Now he says that he too has sacrificed for this country by starting a business hiring Americans and building buildings which is minimizing what soldiers give up for this country.

      • Randy Ingle

        Yes, Trump has a problem of opening his mouth without thinking but then he is not a 30 year politician either and says what millions are thinking. I for one like that to a certain degree. The bottom line is that I personally prefer that over a liar like Hillary who is above the law.

      • odinscharge

        If millions of American’s are thinking that, that is a scary thought. I don’t think not being a politician is a good excuse for being a terrible person.

  • Never go full liberal

    These establishment clowns know their day of reckoning is coming and its coming to both sides of the aisle.

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