Homeowners Fear Re-Zoning Plans

ALMA (KFSM)- Residents of one Alma neighborhood are voicing their opinion about a new plan to develop rental homes or duplexes right next to their subdivision.

"I'm all for people moving to Alma," homeowner, Romona Nelson said. "I'm all for the growth here. We just do not want 20-acres of duplexes around us. Build houses, or even the garden homes that we already have, but no duplexes."

Country Meadow Estates is right next to where a development company hopes to re-zone property that was originally zoned for only single-family residences.

"When we all bought in here, the signs leading in said no rentals, no duplexes," Nelson said. "That's why the biggest part of us bought in here; a nice, safe neighborhood."

If the request is approved, multiple family homes will be allowed to be build and residents said they are worried.

"My biggest concern is that we are going to have a whole lot of congestion, a lot more noise," homeowner, Paul Bowman said. "I'm a disabled veteran, I have [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder], so one of the main factors for me building in this area is that it was a nice, quiet neighborhood. There's a lot of customizing to our home. It is specially designed for my physical needs. We thought this was going to be our final home, our retirement home."

But, these owners said if the request to re-zone is approved by the Planning Commission, they do not plan to stay.

"I'm gonna sell my house," Nelson said. "There's about eight other [residents] in here that say the same thing. They will put their houses up for sale, also."

A public hearing about rezoning will be held in Alma on Tuesday (August 16) at noon.