Freshmen Move-In Day At The University Of Arkansas

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Thousands of students and their families packed the parking lots outside of campus dorms at U of A on Monday (Aug. 15).

More than 5,000 freshmen students, a record number, are expected to be enrolled by the start of the semester on Aug. 22.

For Hannah Hopson, a freshman student, the move into the Maple Hill West dorms was taxing.

"Stressful I guess, yeah," Hopson said. "It's weird I have to talk to all these new people and get all this stuff done and I'm nervous because I keep feeling like I'm going to forget something. But I haven't yet, so we're good."

The soon-to-be dramatic arts and theater major said she's looking forward to the college experience.

"I didn't really want to be super close to my parents, because I felt like I wouldn't be able to detach myself," said Hopson, who made the nearly 300-mile trip from her home in El Dorado, Arkansas.

Move-in day can be a difficult time, but Hopson said she's glad to have her sister here on campus to help make for a smoother transition.

"I had to tell her what to do, like go check in and I knew which dorm it was," said Nicole Hopson, a U of A junior and sister to Hannah Hopson. "I am really excited that she is here, because she's like my best friend, so we get to hang out now."