Initiative For Farmington Alcohol Sales Looks To November Election

FARMINGTON (KFSM) -- The City of Farmington is one step closer to bringing liquor sales to the city.

For months, many residents and business owners in Farmington have been gathering petition signatures, hope of making liquor sales in city limits legal.

After collecting enough signatures on the ballot, now the measure will go to the general election in November.

“I am hoping that we are bringing more business here and more revenues to this city,” said Katherine Xiong, owner of Mandalay Asian Cuisine in Farmington.

Xiong is one of the initiative’s biggest supporters.

“The money here, people are spending outside of Farmington,” Xiong said. “There could be a liquor store across the street. And then we could bring the revenue here, why not? it would get people to go out more, where they wouldn’t have to fight the traffic in Fayetteville.”

Xiong said this move would be a part of staying competitive with other city businesses.

“Everywhere is growing around us. So, we need that revenue so we could grow also,” Xiong said.

As the November election nears, those who support the measure said they want the citizens of Farmington to do one thing.

“I think everybody should urge themselves to go vote, so we can bring more revenue into the city. It is good for the city,” Xiong said.