Clarksville Light And Water Reaches Water Protection Settlement With Diamond Pipeline


CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) — A Johnson County utility company has reached a settlement to ensure protection of its water supply from oil spills.

Clarksville Light and Water agreed on a $6.6 million deal with Diamond Pipeline LLC Wednesday (Aug. 17). According to CL&W, the company reached the agreement to mitigate the risks of potential contamination from the Diamond Pipeline, a $900 million project built to be capable of transporting 200,000 barrels of domestic crude oil per day.

The agreement would allow a pipe to feed into the Clarksville’s water supply and avoid the path of the pipeline.

CL&W also stated that an additional $8 million agreement was settled upon as a backup, in case the initial $6.6 million settlement was not enough.

A Little Rock piping manufacturer had received $47 million August 8 to supply two-thirds of the pipe needed for the 440-mile project. The Diamond Pipeline project is scheduled to run from Cushing, Okla. to Memphis, Tenn., and is expected to be completed next year.