Springdale Apartment Fire Sends Four To The Hospital

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- An apartment fire in Springdale sent four people to the hospital Friday (Aug. 19).

The fire started late Friday morning(Aug. 19) at building 42 at Applegate apartments in Springdale.

A mother and her three small children were inside of the apartment sleeping and didn’t realize what was happening.

Claudia Garcia was next door eating breakfast when she smelled something burning. After going outside she saw the smoke was coming from her neighbor’s window. That’s when she jumped into help.

“I went inside and grabbed the babies but you couldn’t see anything it was dark and I still feel the smoke in my throat because you couldn’t breathe inside," Garcia said. "It’s really…I’ve never been in this kind of situation but it’s really really scary.”

Bobbi Hollmean lives just behind where the fire started. She said she wasn’t at home but was terrified to find out what was happening while her daughter was home alone.

“I couldn’t wait to get out to come home," Hollmean said. "The first thing I did was run to my daughter. She’s twenty years old but still.”

Cindy Anderson lives on the other side of the complex but knew Hollmean lived close to where she saw the flames so she went to check on them.

“It was very very scary for us because especially it was so close, it was way too close to home,” Anderson said.

The condition of the mother and her children is unknown.

The Springdale Fire Department says the cause of the fire is still under investigation.