Don Tyson School Of Innovation Opens Doors To City Leaders

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- The Don Tyson School of Innovation opened its doors to city leaders on Wednesday (Aug. 24) after students have been in class for a week.

The school is one of the district's newest and most unique schools, and faculty members are even calling it "the school of the future."

The school used to be at the Jones Center, but that wasn't enough room for the district's big plans. With an open floor plan, pod classrooms, and a chrome book for each student, this modernized experience gives students room to learn at their own pace.

The school is named after Don Tyson of Tyson Foods.

"I think Don would be more thrilled than anybody about this", said Tyson Foods Consultant Archie Schaffer.

Schaffer said Don Tyson was known as an innovator and entrepreneur.

It is a part of the Springdale School District, but operates as a charter school. Most of the building is fully functioning, but construction will continue through the fall.