Rogers Police Officers Will Carry Food In Squad Cars For Those In Need

ROGERS (KFSM) -- The Northwest Arkansas Food Bank and the Rogers Police Department are teaming up to get food to families in need.

Police Chief Hayes Minor said the partnership will allow the city to help out more of its residents.

"Every time we are seen out in the public, there is an immediate negative reaction because of the kind of work we do," Minor said. "This will be able to give us an opportunity to have a positive impact with the people we deal with."

The food bank delivered dozens of boxed meals to the police department Thursday (Aug. 25). Officers will keep the boxes in their squad cars and hand them out to families in need at their own discretion.

"There is such a need in Northwest Arkansas. It is super exciting for us to be able to partner with the Rogers Police Department," food bank spokeswoman Carrie Harlow said. "Right now, there are one in four people in Northwest Arkansas that go to bed at night without knowing where their next meal is going to come from."

Right now, the food bank is only partnering with the Rogers Police Department, but organizers said they will consider expanding the program if it is successful in Rogers.

"[Now the pantry will] be able to reach the people we don’t realize, and we don’t see on a daily basis," Harlow said.