Humane Society Program Allows Dogs To Get Away For A Weekend

FORT SMITH (KFSM)- One weekend every month, the Sebastian County Humane Society allows people to take dogs on a weekend getaway.

"All you have to do is come in and get to know some of the animals," manager, Amber Neal said. "When [you] come in, fill out an application for it, we go over it, and then [you] are able to take them home."

The temporary families are able to keep the dogs until Monday.

"It really helps the community get involved, and start thinking about animal shelters," Neal said.

Neal said the Weekend Getaway Program also helps the dogs find a forever home.

"Being cooped up is hard for them," Neal said. "Being able to go out and run around and play and be outside of the kennel is great. It also gives us an insight on what kind of home they need. They can tell us whether [the dogs] are digging outside, whether they are chewing, if they're good with kids or whether they're bad with kids. If they don't adopt [the dogs], we know what kind of family would be great for them."

William Berger said he and his son volunteer together, and they have learned a lot by interacting with the dogs from the Humane Society.

"We enjoy it," Berger said. "I mean, it's good for the dogs more than ourselves, but it teaches my son life lessons, also. So, it's just an overall good experience for both of us and the animals."

So far, more than 15 dogs have been taken out for the weekend.

"It's been great," Neal said. "We've had great responses, and a lot of our dogs are having a blast."

The Sebastian County Humane Society has this program each month. For more information and dates for the Weekend Getaway Program, you can visit the Humane Society's Facebook Page.

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  • Jonathan Hughes

    I am not impressed with people who destroy an animal’s ability to replicate themselves. Dogs are getting cleft palates. Biodiversity in a species is lacking when that happens.

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