U Of A Students Collect Items For Baton Rouge Flooding Victims

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The outpouring of support to flood victims in Louisiana continues to spread throughout Northwest Arkansas.

On Saturday (Aug. 27) the Arkansas Razorbacks had their turn at lending a hand to the cause. The University of Arkansas hosted Operation Razorback Relief to help people effected by the flooding in Baton Rouge. Student athletes and volunteers collected items from the public to send to Baton Rouge in a truck donated by JB Hunt.

Razorback football wide receiver Jared Cornelius is a Louisiana native and said he was proud of his school for extending a hand to the flood victims in need.

"Those guys are going through some hard times down there so however we can help as a unit, as an organization, we`re ready to help," Cornelius said. "It's hard to kinda fathom what they`re going through down there, I have friends and family down there that lost their house, lost everything they own, are staying in shelters now."

Cornelius said he can't imagine what the flood victims are going through, but fellow Razorback athlete Dwayne Eugene said he experienced tragedy like this during Hurricane Katrina.

"It's hard to just start all over, man," Eugene said. "Especially when you lose everything and I just see these people you know trying to provide for their kids."

Eugene said if he could tell the victims anything it would be that God is good and works in mysterious ways.

"You may not understand what goes on and why things happen the way they do but just keep praying, keep praying, stay positive," Eugene said.

The items are expected to be delivered in the upcoming week.