The Tropics Are Heating Up


It’s prime time for the waters in the tropics, as the warm waters can be a breeding ground for hurricanes and tropical storms! Here’s a look at what’s going this evening.HURRICANE 2

(Sunday, August 28th)

Hurricane Gaston: No threat to land as it’s track heads toward the middle of the ocean. t currently has winds of 115 MPH, making it a Category 3 on the Saffir Simpson Scale.

Tropical Depression 8: Projected to possibly make it to Tropical Storm with winds of 39+MPH. It’s impacts on land as of now are heavy rain, likely along the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Tuesday. It’s track then looks to spin out to sea.

A tropical depression means it is an organized Low pressure system, with winds of 25-35 MPH. IF it makes it to Tropical Storm status with winds of 39+MPH, it would be named “Hermine.”

Tropical Depression 9: This storm system will now tap into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center, it’s path eventually takes it over the Florida Peninsula later next week as a tropical storm (it would be named either “Hermine” or “Ian”).  Heavy rains look to be the most likely threat, but winds could also reach over 40 MPH.