First Responders In Ozark Receive Bullet Proof Vests


OZARK (KFSM) – In light of all the recent shootings across the country, local first responders are taking extra precautions anytime they head outside. Fire crews and EMS received bullet proof vests at the beginning of the summer. They said it’s going to make them feel much safer when responding to a call.

Crews said they saw the “need” to get them when a deadly shooting hit near home. This is even before Cpl. Bill Cooper was shot and killed last month in Sebastian County. A Little Rock firefighter was shot and killed when he was responding to a medical call. Since the tragic events, they decided to place the order for nine bullet proof vests. One for each member of their team that respond to emergency medical call.

They’ll wear them when they feel like they’re in a dangerous situation such as, a domestic violence call or suicide call.

Each vest is red and has pouches in the front and back where crews can carry medical supplies and their radio. The new piece of equipment makes them feel safer when on the job and leaves a better chance for them to return home safely.  “If something were to happen I would be protected, said Nick Trotter, who is a first responder.

According to Trotter, “We never know what kind of situation we are going too.” The fire crews chose the color red to make sure they stand out from the police department.

Each bullet proof vest cost more than $500 which the City of Ozark purchased out of their funds.