Flavors of Summer – Big Jake’s Steakhouse

On this flavor of the week,  Melissa hopped on I-40 and got off in Van Buren at the only family owned steakhouse in town, Big Jake's.

As you walk in the door, the fun, family atmosphere immediately surrounds.

From the John Wayne memorabilia with family photos mixed in to the train that the children love, Big Jake's Steakhouse is more than just homemade food, it's a community.

At Big Jake's they've been in the meat business for four generations and you can see it in their steaks.

Not only do they use the highest quality USDA meats but they also hand cut them every single morning.

With flavor like this, you do not need steak sauce.

After they hand cut their steaks, they take the extra sirloin and make some other must try dishes, like their chicken fried steak.

Or come in for lunch, where for only $4.99, you get a drink, fries, and a burger.

Plus you can that great service and home cooked goodness, on the weekend mornings when you stop by for breakfast from 6:00-10:30.

Doesn't matter if you stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Big Jake's Steakhouse will welcome you in.

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